BIAF JeanClaude COCO Exclusive Interview With Marie Claire Magazine Accessories Editor Kyle Anderson!

 “A Small Town Boy Dare to Dream.”

Hello #TeamBIAF!! Hope your weekend was filled with fabulous happenings. Today is Interview Mondays and I am excited and  honored to present the one and only Kyle Anderson,  Accessories Editor at Marie Claire Magazine. He is truly a fabulous man. Any comparison? Well Kyle for me is my Anna Dello Russo. He goes where no one else goes and does it with confidence like no one else. He is unapologetic , fierce and just awesome. I first saw him at New York Fashion Week Fall 2012 and was just inspired. I had to pick his brain and of course share it with you all. Here is my interview with Kyle Anderson…

JeanClaude COCO: What made you take up fashion?

Kyle Anderson: It might have been growing up in a small town and being gay. I always dreamed of a more glamorous life. I loved fashion and clothes. I think reading magazine was a huge escape for me from the small town life. I used to read magazines like Vogue, ELLE, W and feel a strong connection to the stories and always dreamed of being a part of that life of fashion and wanted to be a stylist or editor some day as well.

JeanClaude COCO:  Did you ever think you will become an editor at a major fashion publication? what were some of the road blocks and the moment that made you say “I’ve made it”?

Kyle Anderson:  Well I don’t think I’ll ever feel like “I’ve made it” I always feel like me. Some days I do think wow I have a hell of a lot of designer clothes which is fun. But every day is a challenge for me. Its very hard work but at the same time its fun and its my passion to find cool accessories. I love jewelry , bags, shoes, belts and to see amazing ones from talented designers is a pleasure and makes me excited. I always felt like I’ll do something special with fashion- I knew that. But as a child I didn’t know exactly what that would be. But unlike most people that work at magazines I really was interested in working as an editor since I was in the beginning of middle school. Id go to the public library and read fashion magazines for hours everyday after school- the library was across the street. Id rip out pages which obviously you weren’t supposed to do and pin them on my bulletin board at home. I loved Elle and W a lot. Elle for the style, I loved the stories photographed by Gilles Bensimon and styled by Carlyne Cerf. She is obsessed with jewelry and accessories as u can see from her shoots – as I am as well. I loved also W for their huge pages.

JeanClaude COCO: Describe a day in the life of the Accessories Director at Marie Claire Magazine?

Kyle Anderson: I wake up. Get ready, I drink two huge ice coffees and put on my iPod and walk out of my apt in Times Square and get a taxi. I go to appointments from 9am until around 12. I come back, get lunch at my desk and work on my accessories stories, then our shopping pages and work on finding accessories for stories other stylists are doing for the magazine. In the afternoon I mostly work at my desk. Sometimes we have group appointments where the whole fashion department goes to together with Nina Garcia our fashion director. At night I usually have a work dinner with one of the designers and then some events and usually home by 10 pm. Some reality TV and then bed. Does that sound exciting? Its my life. Very busy. I wish there were more hours in the day b/c there is a lot more id like to do everyday both at work and in my personal life.

 JeanClaude COCO: What is your style and what does an Accessory Editor picks for himself?

Kyle Anderson: I tend to like black leather, and black clothes, bags, watches, shoes in general. I like Givenchy these days a lot. I Wear the same silver Rolex with a black face everyday. I don’t wear gold jewelry. I don’t wear much jewelry in general. I tend to like a more rock-n-roll type of style.

JeanClaude COCO: I’m sure you’ve seen many accessories over the years. What have you turned down?

Kyle Anderson: I’m not a big fan of preppy. So in general that doesn’t work for me. I like most trends but I’m not a big fan of preppy unless its done in a new way.

 JeanClaude COCO:  What are your must have accessories this spring and into fall for our Fab girls and Fab Guys?

Kyle Anderson: These days I’m obsessed with Repossi rings and ear cuffs. And I’m also very into black thigh high boots with a lot of laces for FW (Fall Winter) Sergio Rossi, Tom Ford and Brian Atwood have great ones. I’m also into black velvet there are great FW (Fall Winter) bags are Versace and boots at Balmain. I’m into black watches these days like Chanel and Dior with diamonds…

Image courtesy: Marie Claire

 I usually like classic bags in black. Birkin, Chanel 2.55, Lady Dior bags in black. I say buy one of those classic styles and wear it all the time no matter what your personal style is. They go with everyday and always look super chic.


JeanClaude COCO: Any advice for up and coming fashion creatives?

Kyle Anderson: Never give up. Its a very tough industry. But if you want to do something u can always make it happen.

JeanClaude COCO: Where do you draw inspiration from?

Kyle Anderson: I love Street Style. I also am inspired by mixing high and low. I love very expensive accessories with cheap clothes. Denim and diamonds. Punk with ladylike. Its always all about the mix.

JeanClaude COCO:  Who is that one person on a business and professional level that you look up to and why?

Kyle Anderson: Nina Garica our Fashion Director at Marie Claire. She was my first boss ever 7 years ago at ELLE and she gave me my start and has given me 100 opportunities since then. Shes chic and cool and confident and she has amazing style and taste.

 JeanClaude COCO: What keeps you grounded on a personal level and why?

Kyle Anderson: I think growing up in a small town. I was lucky I always lived in a big nice new house and had everything I want but I wasn’t spoiled. I always had a job and always worked hard.  My parents never babied me and were very strict and hard-working themselves.

JeanClaude COCO:  Name a celebrity or person you had a pleasure from working with and If you could style one celebrity for the next Marie Claire edition who will that be and why?

Kyle Anderson: It would be my friend model Andrej Pejic. I think he is the most beautiful person in the world and would be a great model to be included in our magazine.  I styled Andrej for the cover of the British publication SCHON! A few months ago and he is an incredible model.

 JeanClaude COCO: You have a window into the fashion world. What will make us gasp next?

Kyle Anderson: You have to wait and find out when our September issue comes out. For me our September issue is the most important, March is the second most important. Also in April and October we do an accessories shopping guide which is important for me. I tend to like F/W collections more than Spring summer.

Thanks to Kyle Anderson for the Interview. I am truly honor.

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XO Jeanclaude COCO

Images courtesy: Kyle Anderson