Li Yuchun 2014 Cannes Film Festival Best Dressed – Day 10

Sai Sankoh and I (Jean Claude) ‘Best Dressed’ Celebrity on Day 10, at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival….

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Li Yunchun In Stèphane Rolland Couture 

Li Yuchun 2014 Cannes Film Festival Best Dressed - Day 10

Last year during the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, we came to know and love Li Yuchun. She dazzle us, pulling off looks left and right. Today, L’Oreal Paris brought back the Chinese superstar singer for an encore performance featuring beauty and fashion. It took them ten days but, it was well worth it as she single handily commanded the red carpet in an artful Stéphane Rolland Haute Couture spring 2014 black silk jersey and embroidered silk gazar jumpsuit. A stunning look. Happy Memorial Weekend!!!

Li Yuchun Stephane Rolland Cannes

Stèphane Rolland Couture spring 2014

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  • Yf

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  • Declan

    That’s stunning. She ruled the carpet completely.

  • RoxyChou

    really beautiful?She’s different from everyone.She with her unique style and pride of her own shone in the carpet.There is only one Li Yuchun in the world.To be lucky,she knows she must be herself so that we are fortunate to see her,our honor.For that,everyone will remember her.Cause she’s special!Love her~~~~~

  • Ariel

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    Best Dressed – Day 10

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