(PICS) HOT STUFF: Bikini Clad Rihanna And Her Girlfriends Vacation In Sardinia, Italy

She’s been inundating her fans with pictures of her luxury holiday in Sardinia and the surrounding areas this week.And while Rihanna has so far shared a number of candid images of her in bikinis and various vacation outfits, her latest pictures could be the most revealing yet.The Umbrella star has taken to her Instagram page to show off her well toned figure for the world to see.

In the first of series of photos publish via the star Twitter/Instagram page Rihanna is seen turning  pulling up her leopard print string bikini bottom.

 Looking ahead watching the sun set!

 RIhanna with her girlfriends on a yacht.

 In another print bikini

 Red and white print jumpsuit

 Her Luxury Boat


Photos Courtesy: Rihanna Tiwtter, Planet Photos, SGP, Flameflynet.co.uk, ABACA USA, Empice Entertainment

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    “I see as if through a mist, no clearer
    The loveliest form of Woman, there!
    Is it possible: can Woman be so lovely?
    Must I, in her outspread body, declare
    The incarnation of all that’s heavenly?
    Can any such this earth deliver?”